How To Get Traffic From Twitter

If you are searching for tips on how to get traffic from twitter then here we have given them. You can get huge traffic to your site from Twitter.

You can make several new friends with social media, which goes for Twitter too. Increasing the traffic to your site is different. It is not as easy as you may think.

Here, we have given a few easy to follow twitter tips for getting traffic from Twitter.

  • Profile Page: You need to give a link to your site in the profile page. Many people first look at profile pages at Twitter hence you have to stand out from the crowd when it comes to the profile picture, twitter background, and profile bio. If you will do, people will surely click on the link that you have provided and discover your site surely. You should add an interesting profile picture.
  • Display RSS feeds on Twitter: If you have uploaded or published a new post on your blog then you must refer to this article on Twitter. You can tweet about it like mentioning you wrote an article. If you give a link to your article in your tweet then you will surely get huge twitter traffic for your site. If you already have many followers and especially targeted followers then you will surely get huge traffic from twitter to your website.
  • Twitter Username: Username of your Twitter must be related to your site. When people go through your tweets, they think of your site too hence it is crucial to give the username of twitter related to your website. If you want to build a brand around your name then you should make use of your own name as the username for twitter. People must think about visiting your site when they see the username for your twitter.
  • Target Followers: You should find people who have similar interests as you have. If the tweets are relevant to your site then people will easily find you. If your profile page is interesting then people will surely visit your site again and again and read what you have posted about you on the profile page. You need to find out the targeted followers. You should make use of main keywords to find out the people who are tweeting about what you have interest in. Making use of tools such as Hummingbird, Twollow is best to get targeted twitter followers.
  • Interaction: It is crucial part of Twitter. If somebody sends you a tweet, you should reply instantly. It is very important t build conversations for making friends quickly. If you have several followers then you should not overlook them. You should always send them comments. If people find out interesting and believe you then only they will visit your site.

If you follow above given steps, you can easily get huge traffic to your site through twitter. All you require doing is to write as well as publish the article on your blog.

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